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City Hall

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 6134, Surigao was converted to a chartered city on August 31, 1970 with Pedro Espina as its first city mayor.

Zaragoza Rock Formations

Unique rock formations approximately 20 feet high stands out against a backdrop of dense coconut trees and nipa palms ( Nypa fruticans) and covers an area of one hectare.

Basul Island

A tiny island at the entrance of Hinituan Channel with fine white sand mixed with assorted shells rims.

Ipil-Mabua Pebble Beach

A contiguous layer gray of pebbles.

Birok Islet Coral Reef

A small shell beach surrounded by vast mangroves and close to a reef.

Silop Cave

Stalagmites and stalactites dominate the chambers, accessible through its twelve entrances. It is approximately 7 kilometers from the city proper.

San Pedro Cantiasay Footbridge

This wooden footbridge is among the country's longest at 391 meters, connecting Sibale and Nonoc Islands.

Investment Opportunities

PHILNICO Industrial Estate Special Economic Zone in Nonoc Island

A 590-has. special economic zone for heavy industries. The ecozone will be developed in 5 phases. Phase I development of more than 100 has. is already covered by Presidential Proclamation No. 192, dated October 6, 1999. The City of Surigao owns the land for the Special Economic Zone now currently being leased by the private developer PHILNICO Industrial Corporation.

As a special economic zone, locators are exempt from paying national taxes including VAT, gross receipts and allows for the tax free importation of capital equipment.  Instead, locators will pay 5% only on gross income.

Existing on-site infrastructure makes the establishment of the Ecozone very viable. These include, a 300-mega watt power plant and steam boiler; 25 million cubic meter water reservoir with distribution pipe network located in the adjacent Dinagat Island; two (2) deep water industrial ports that can accommodate up to 60,000 DWT (dead weight tons) oil tankers, and jetties for light passenger craft; concrete air strip and facilities that can accommodate C-130 cargo planes; an industrial tank farm for storage of diesel, gasoline, bunker fuel, LPG and other chemicals like naphtha, ammonia and sulphuric acid; hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide gas plants; water treatment facility; stockyard with conveyor systems; mechanical, electrical shops and warehouses; housing facilities, schools for complete elementary and secondary education; and sports and recreation facilities.

Target industry locators in the ecozone include the nickel refinery, power plant, foundry, oxygen and acetylene plant, drum making plant, nickel-chrome electroplating plant, and other industries providing linkage to the nickel refinery operations.

Mineral Resource Development, Mining and Processing
Another mineral based investment area is on the utilization of our metallic deposits of gold, nickel and chromite. Processing of non-metals like silica and limestone provides the linkage for cement manufacturing, ceramics and stonecrafts.

Gold and silver also provides opportunity for fine jewelry production and gemstones can be processed for costume jewelries.

Agriculture and Fisheries
On agri-fishery, commercial fishing, fish canning, aqua-culture of prawn, crabs, lobster, seaweeds, lapu-lapu and others are good areas for investment. Farm mechanization and the introduction of related production technologies remain an important business opportunity. 

Given our numerous tourism potentials, investments are also vital in the services sector namely: establishment of hotels and convention centers, restaurants, islands & beach resorts, amusement and recreation centers. Mall development is also among the priority investments.

Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development
On infrastructure and utilities development, the priority projects in the island barangays are the construction of circumferential roads and development of renewable energy systems. For urban development projects, the focus is on integrated drainage and sewerage system.

Owing to the growing demand of prime real estate in the locality, the city identified these preferred areas: development of light to medium industrial estates, business parks and commercial estate development, coastal reclamation, and development of middle- to low-income housing subdivision projects.

Contact Information
Hon. Ernesto T. Matugas
City Mayor
Office of the City Mayor
00001 Borromeo St., City Hall
8400 City of Surigao
Tel. 086-231-7201 / 826-0249
Fax: 086-826-4131
Uriel Eugenio S. Correos
City Planning and Development Office
3/F New Government Building
City Hall Compound
8400 City of Surigao
Tel. 086-826-8502
Fax: 086-231-7209



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